Super Smash Bros. Could Launch into the Mario Galaxy

By Jorge Ba-oh 11.09.2013 2

Super Smash Bros. Could Launch into the Mario Galaxy on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

More Super Smash Bros. teasers as producer Masahiro Sakurai posts a new screenshot from the Wii U version that could be Super Mario Galaxy themed.

The latest update on Miiverse comes with an interesting caption that has lead many fans to speculate that Sakurai may well be teasing a new level. The picture of Kirby wielding his famous hammer states "isn't Kirby drawn with a familiar artsy style?"

Image for Super Smash Bros. Could Launch into the Mario Galaxy

The familiar art style may well be the Super Mario Galaxy artwork on the box - a vivid blanket of clouds and stars on a deep blue background. With the Wii U version playing host to levels based on Nintendo console games, Super Mario Galaxy could be a prime candidate for inclusion.

What are your thoughts on the curious new Super Smash Bros image?

Box art for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Could be kirby galaxy! That's a game i would buy without a second of hesitation

A planet-level with Galaxy-like gravity would be nice!

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