Nintendo UK to Host StreetPass Day on 28 September

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.09.2013 4

Nintendo UK to Host StreetPass Day on 28 September on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo UK have announced a National StreetPass Day taking place later this month in Manchester and London.

Want to exchange StreetPass hits, meet new Nintendo fans, take part in competitions and meet your favourite characters? From 9am on 28th September, there will be two major StreetPass events taking place.

The events will take place at Waterloo Station in London and Manchester Piccadilly Station.

There'll also be StreetPass stands during Eurogamer Expo 2013, plus the Cycle Show NEC Birmingham. Can't make these events? Nintendo UK are also encouraging fans to take part in their own StreetPass days.


Will you be attending StreetPass Day - if so, which one?

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Every day is Streetpass Day for me! Smilie

I try bringing my 3DS everywhere, but there are just not enough other users around. I do get some relay Streetpasses when I used the train or go into a bigger town... but I don't get more than 2 hits a week on average.

It's good Nintendo is reminding people to bring their 3DS. It's really worth it when you live in a big city. I got regular Streetpasses in London and Taipei.

Yeah not many hits for me, but relay is helping. I want to go to one of these events, not tried it before. London or Manchester hmmm...........

Please do remember that your 3DS only stores 10 Miis at once! After a few hits, you'll have to play with them and let the system fill up again. You're pretty much constantly playing Puzzle Swap and Streetpass Quest. Smilie

I did think about that, not had 10 in one day yet though. Might be a good idea if I do go to grab some Streetpass plaza time in a cafe or something then go back for more lol

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