Nintendo to offer Free Trial for Pokémon Bank

By Jorge Ba-oh 19.09.2013 6

Nintendo to offer Free Trial for Pokémon Bank on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A Nintendo representative has confirmed a free month's trial for Pokémon Bank in the upcoming games.

The online, cloud base storage feature for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, called Pokémon Bank, allows players to transfer critters from the game to virtual servers, opening up the door for vast numbers of critters to train on the move. The software can also house Pokémon transferred from Black, Black 2, White and White 2.

According to NWR, Nintendo will be offering a free month's trial of the service, with critters still remaining on the system if players don't choose to sign-up. Players would have to pay to access these stored Pokémon, however, after the trial period ends.

Will you use Pokémon Bank in the upcoming games?

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Would this be a free way to transfer your Pokémon from previous games?

Steelmullet (guest) 21.09.2013#2

hmm...I dunno. Pretty smart business move, but lame in a way. I wish the service was free, or really really cheap, like a dollar a month or something.

darkflame (guest) 21.09.2013#3

Its disgusting. Nintendo should be ashamed.

concerned pokemon trainer (guest) 22.09.2013#4

I'm kind of split on this one way I'm pissed off that I will have to pay to transfer my poke's and Another way I'm happy that if my 3ds gets stolen my Pokemon won't go into the wrong hands god damn team ratchet. 

Reik (guest) 24.09.2013#5

It's only $5 a year, pretty cheap if you ask me.

pokéman (guest) 24.09.2013#6

This service is actually of some value, this will be so useful for those that have a collection of Pokémon. I'd have to say its more valuable for the price than some other services out there.

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