Gain EXP Experience Points For Catching Wild Pokémon

By Jorge Ba-oh 20.09.2013 6

Gain EXP Experience Points For Catching Wild Pokémon on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

When you capture a new Pokémon for your team in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the current active critter will receive experience points.

Perhaps a minor feature in the grand scheme of things, but reports have confirmed a change in the upcoming Pokémon generation. When fighting a wild Pokémon, for example using Pikachu against a wild Caterpie, if the creature is caught, Pikachu will receive experience points.


Do you like or loathe the new addition in the upcoming games?

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I've always wondered why we couldn't have exp. points when catching Pokemon, so I don't know about you guys but this news is really exciting for me.


i like it

About time imo, they should have done that since Red/Blue.
Ooh, that's gonna be fun when fighting some lvl 70 (legendary) Pokemon. Smilie

Nice little change.

Lightchaser (guest) 20.09.2013#5

This sounds like a good idea, but the real question is: does that Pokemon also receive EV points? If the answer is yes, then please shoot me in the face.

It was likely to do with tech/ coding at the time of R&B. By the time it came round to Ruby and Sapphire it wasn't weird to not have it so probably lost priority. 

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