New US Pokémon X and Y TV Adverts - What did you Dream?

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.09.2013 1

New US Pokémon X and Y TV Adverts - What did you Dream? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

What did you dream of last night? Nintendo of America have launched more adverts to promote the upcoming Pokémon X & Pokémon Y.

New ways to travel, battle and creatures to encounter are amongst the many new features in the upcoming games, with Nintendo highlighting these through sequences of fans are dreaming of. The first TV spot aired earlier this month, with more incoming as the release grows ever closer. Exciting times!



Will you don your trainer shoes in Pokémon X & Pokémon Y? What are your thoughts on this ad campaign?

Box art for Pokémon X

Game Freak




Turn Based RPG



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Love how in the three adverts the pokémon in the ending is a kanto mega starter.

Also, loving how different the characters look in the game.

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