C3 Plays | Street Fighter II Wii U Virtual Console - Retrospective Special

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.09.2013

C3 Plays | Street Fighter II Wii U Virtual Console - Retrospective Special on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Rudy takes a step back in time to rediscover Capcom's beloved classic 2D fighter Street Fighter II.

During the 16-bit era of the SNES and Mega Drive, players were treated to the near-arcade experience in the living room, with one of the most popular gems of the time being Street Fighter II.

The game also spawned a series of additional releases including Hyper Fighting, The World Warrior and The New Challengers. All three games are now available to play again on the Wii U Virtual Console, and Rudy explores the differences and how the games evolved throughout the years in Street Fighter retrospective documentary.


Thanks to Mario Verdin who helped produce the video.

Are you a Street Fighter II fan? If so, which version did you prefer and for which console?

Box art for Street Fighter II
Also known as

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior









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