Fantasy Life Gets Even Better, and You Still Can't Buy It

By Javier Jimenez 27.09.2013 1

Fantasy Life Gets Even Better, and You Still Can

Not content with releasing just one huge free update, Level-5 has announced yet another for Fantasy Life Link. This time around the DQ meets Animal Crossing megahit gets even more quests, items, companions, furniture, outfits, and even some MMO style "epic quests" with appropriate rare loot, such as the hilarious Carrot Suit. This last bit is courtesy of the 12 masters, whom the character can now befriend and take as travel companions.

All this in patch 1.4, and it's still free! And you still can't buy it outside Japan! Why?! We think it's past time for Fantasy Life to grace our western shores, Level-5... please?

Box art for Fantasy Life Link!








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Nihon? I thought it was Nippon!

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