Nintendo UK Plans for Tesco Takeover, TV, Online Campaigns

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.09.2013 2

Nintendo UK Plans for Tesco Takeover, TV, Online Campaigns on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo UK has outlined plans to boost the Wii U's presence in the country by targetting supermarket chain Tesco.

Speaking to MCV this week, Nintendo admitted that a majority of consumers are unaware that the Wii U is infact a brand new machine and hopes to better educate parents and children on the hardware.

The company will be sending a five page booklet to Tesco customers who bought the original Wii, around 300,000, with vouchers off games. There'll also be in-store space at the chain to ensure the Wii U is prominent during the holiday season.

In addition to TV campaigns for Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Zelda, there'll be national advertorials, online promotions and a tour that's targetting 115,500 potential shoppers.

We haven't had the sales we wanted on Wii U hardware. We haven't had the software for most of this year.

But we have some quite ambitious numbers, particularly with some of our biggest franchises coming. Our monthly tracking shows that Wii remains the No.1 console for brand awareness. This offers us a massive opportunity to convert Wii owners to Wii U.

Interest is starting to grow but we know we have a lot of work to do.

UK marketing director Shelly Pearce

How do you think Nintendo can capture the Wii market?

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Well the WiiMini certainly didn't help with the confusion. -.- I really hope they pull out all the stops for this.

Sebastian-Jr (guest) 28.09.2013#2

Reduce price to £149.95 with Nintendoland, or similar game and this will boost their sales.

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