Could In-Game Purchases Come to Pokémon? Game Freak Comments

By Jorge Ba-oh 22.10.2013 4

Could In-Game Purchases Come to Pokémon? Game Freak Comments on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Two members of the Pokémon development team have discussed whether in-game purchases would ever come to the world of Pokémon.

The in-game purchases/micro-transactions market has boomed on mobile and social platforms, with some of the most profitable titles relying on this business model for success. With Pokémon having an almost endless stream of fans, could the series ever incorporate another revenue model for Nintendo - could trainers purchase Pokémon with real money?

Art director Ken Sugimori said in an interview that he's always said "no" to the "he act of buying Pokémon with money", ever since the series began. He feels believes that it could "ruin the worldview" of the franchise, and that Game Freak want to protect the brand.

Therefore, suppose we sell a Pokémon for 100 yen, then we must prepare something that is worthy of that 100 yen, along with a reasonable consent for doing so.

That said, Nintendo have given away Pokémon in the past during ticketed events or going to see one of the films in cinemas. Sugimori replied that it would be a fun idea of "having the experience of a Pokémon who was featured in the movie you just saw".

Despite all this, it's not being ruled out completely, as "If we ever get the idea of 'this could be fun if we could sell it for real-life money,' or something similar during the planning of a future game, then perhaps we could sell them for 100 yen", confirmed Sugimori.

Would you like to see in-game purchases in the world of Pokémon?

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I hate microtransactions! GRRRRRRRR We are going to end up paying £60 just to get the best features we would have got at £35/40 but devs want to bleed us for more!


Instead of giving PokeMon away randomly at events, why not give us DLC that adds an in game event. I'd much rather pay a pound to catch a legendary like Meloetta in an event than just be given one.

Its like with Diamond and Pearl. They had an event in the game that allowed you to discover and battle Arceus but never let anyone access it. Instead they just gave one out to everyone through a download :-S because I really feel like I've caught em all when Nintendo just hand the rarest ones out so easily!!

Darkflame (guest) 23.10.2013#3

Its very simple.
Paid for content is fine as long as its ACTUAL CONTENT.   New gameplay.
Not just changing a variable or giving the player more of something that already exists in the game.

In Pokemons case this would have to be, for example, a new mini-island or area to explore.
Like extra levels for mario, this would be just fine.

But charging for Pokemon, or to "unlock stuff" already in the game? no.

They already do though, in mystery dungeon... You buy new areas there, with pokemons I have yet to find in other areas, or special areas where you develop faster get more money or more kecleon shops =)

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