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By Marcus Myers 24.10.2013 1

Built in the 1900s, the Victoria Warehouse was a hub of activity at the height of the Industrial Revolution.  A century on, this industrial venue remains that same hub of activity. However, it is a different type of revolution. Now it is one steeped in the exploration of all genres of dance music. Even the most hardened soothsayer would never have predicted back in the industrial age that this warehouse would have been converted to allow a plethora of world class DJs to arrive on the Manchester scene and for four months declare: This City is Ours!

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Thankfully, however, that is exactly the welcoming scenario that greeted revellers of all types in this oft referred to 'grey area' in the North West. The excitement for the start of any Warehouse Project season is always palpable - world class DJs, an eclectic mixture of people, and a venue unlike any other in the UK. What could possibly go wrong?

What must the reaction have been then on the morning 28th September, 2013 - the day after opening night - when it was reported that a death had occurred in the venue due to a dodgy ecstasy tablet. Months and months of preparation threatened to be scuppered by the most unfortunate of events. Could the Warehouse bounce back? How would they handle the perpetual - age old - problem of drugs that plagues the dance scene in general?

The weekend after the weekend that was welcomed the first solution. Armin van Burren (AvB to his 'friends' ) and his fellow cohorts, all part of the Armada music label that he runs, descended upon the aged warehouse:  a staple group of progressive and uplifting trance ensued. What resulted was the perfect tonic to a troubling week.  Crowds embraced the dance and light spectacular that AvB generated, utilising tried and tested formulae within the trance genre. The Swedish-born DJ clearly has no peer his equal, calling upon a back catalogue of records that is the envy of all.

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Could AVB provide the timely reminder of what The Warehouse Project should be about, though? Of course he could! It was visible in his eyes: this event was not going to fail, not on his watch. Any King, however, needs his trusted aides to call upon. Similarly high octane sets from the likes of W&W and John O'Callaghan ensured continuity in quality was never put at risk. These revellers were to leave with their expectations not only met, but exponentially exceeded. DJs, job done!

However, the events that transpired the week before obviously could not just be dusted under the carpet. Praise must be given to the response the event organisers had to the tragic events that beset the Victoria Warehouse. Drug checks were ever more stringent and fully understandable. Two full guard searches and the presence of drug dogs gave the resultant effect of longer queues. Frustrating in a city not famed for its warmth and sun, it was but a small price to pay to ensure the welfare of everyone was maintained as much as possible. The security team was not overbearing and certainly from acquitted themselves admirably, at least from a personal point of view.

Moreso, to its credit, the Warehouse team was not so naïve as to expect drugs to not enter the premises in some form. Necessity is the mother of innovation and people will find a way. Dance will always have a drug culture. The next best step is to educate people; remind them of the potential side effects of taking drugs. Not everyone can change their colours, but if sensibility can be driven in, it can be contained. Surveys were being conducted to understand why people took drugs and what types, whilst pamphlets distributed were designed to resonate with people the need to take care.

[a href="" target="_blank" style="color:#02a0c7; font-weight:bold;"]The Warehouse Project 2013 Special - Armin van Buuren & Friends by Adam Riley

This level of effort taken into account almost superseded the skills and talents of AvB, in all honesty, no matter how impressive his (and those of his brethren) was. Together however, they gave one everlasting impression of the event! It was a resounding success and, more importantly, an emphatic motivation for one and all to return and sample the delights that this unique event offers on a weekly basis. Indeed, the city is theirs!

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This was a thoroughly fantastic night with a brilliant range of DJs showing off their talents!

I've also now added in the special radio show done based around AvB and other DJs on the night.

( Edited 24.10.2013 23:55 by Adam Riley )

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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