Animal Crossing: New Leaf Exceeds 6 Million Sales Globally

By Jorge Ba-oh 01.11.2013 1

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Exceeds 6 Million Sales Globally on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

After Nintendo's financial briefing, the company highlighted 3DS games that have topped one million units so far.

The console is going from strength to strength, with a growing number of new players and popular software released on the handheld this year. Amongst those games are a handful of million sellers, including the massively popular Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which has now topped 6 million globally.

The next best title was Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon with 3.13 million units sold to date, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team tallying up 1.37 million and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D at 1.19 million.


Tomodachi Collection: New Life, which is still Japan only, has raked in 1.63 million units to date.

The sales figures include hardware bundles and download/eShop versions alongside the traditional retail sales.

Have you setup shop in Animal Crossing: New Leaf yet?

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What about other games? Where does this sit with Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D land etc?

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