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By Adam Riley 02.11.2013 9

Crayon Pop has taken the world by storm with its highly infectious song, Bar Bar Bar, which has led to numerous celebrities mimicking the dance, just like with PSY's Gangnam Style back in 2012. The team over at K-Pop Korner teamed up with Sony Music Korea to celebrate the launch of The Streets Go Disco, a mini-album featuring some of Crayon Pop's most popular hits, including two re-worked editions of songs. The result was an extremely fun interview with the members of the group. Keep reading for this special edition of the MusiCube feature series…
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K-Pop Korner: To start with, could you please tell our listeners a little bit about Crayon Pop - when you were formed, who is in the group, etc?

Crayon Pop: 'Crayon Pop' first started singing in June 2012 as girl group and consists of five members - Gummi, Way, Choa, Soyul and Ellin.

K-Pop Korner: Do any of you play instruments and help write some of the Crayon Pop songs?

Crayon Pop: None of the members are good at playing musical instruments but we always long to learn, so if any opportunity arises we will take it!

K-Pop Korner: Are you surprised by how successful Bar Bar Bar has been so far?

Crayon Pop: We have received much more attention and love than we hoped for! Many people recognise us, unlike before, so we are very surprised.

K-Pop Korner Ep.20 - Bringing the Best of Korean Pop to the World! Crayon Pop Interview Special by Adam Riley on Mixcloud

K-Pop Korner: For the video come did you argue about who would wear what colour?

Crayon Pop: We decided to choose preferred colours that were suitable for our character. Way is very cheerful so she's a lively orange colour, Gummi is cool - so she's a powerful blue colour, Choa is very strong and is a passionate red colour, Soyul is cute, so a bright yellow colour and Ellin is feminine so a lovely pink colour for her. Therefore, we chose the colours for our music video clothes according to our character traits.

K-Pop Korner: Bar Bar Bar has a very familiar sound, but does it sample any other songs?

Crayon Pop: From the start, Bar Bar Bar was designed to be made in a simple, catchy and not difficult to sing along way. The idea was that it could be a tune that felt familiar and friendly. It was made for listeners to hum along to the song without realising.


K-Pop Korner: Why was the song updated and why was the video changed for the global release?

Crayon Pop: Since the VEVO channel became established, we've gained more of an opportunity to let Bar Bar Bar be known abroad. Taking that good opportunity, we tried to give Bar Bar Bar a more fun music video for the global version, showing the 5-cylinder dance.

Because of the VEVO channel, we decided that it would be better to update the current music video rather than using the same one, emphasising our 5-cylinder dance!

K-Pop Korner: The British Press is calling Bar Bar Bar the 'New Gangnam Style'. What do you think about this comparison to Psy? Does it make you feel under pressure?

Crayon Pop: It is an honour to be compared to Psy. There are a lot of things that still need to be improved, so, to be honest, it is quite a lot of pressure to be called the 'New Gangnam Style!' However, to return the favour to the fans that have given us so much attention and love, we are trying to not lose the our eager heart and will work harder to be better for them!

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K-Pop Korner: Maybe seeing Psy do your jumping dance would be good, right?

Crayon Pop: If Psy did our jumping dance it would be a very great honour. If allowed, we would like to dance our 5 cylinder dance with him!

K-Pop Korner: Recently you performed Bar Bar Bar and Dancing Queen at KCON in the US. Were you nervous to perform there for the first time? Or did your experience of concerts in Japan help to calm your nerves?

Crayon Pop: We have experienced mini concerts several times, so we didn't feel too nervous. We took part in the concert in the USA and felt honoured to be part of such a good experience. We thought it was a really exciting stage!

K-Pop Korner: Is Dancing Queen going to be the next international release after Bar Bar Bar? We also love Bing Bing and Saturday Night - hopefully they will be future releases as well!

Crayon Pop: We sang Dancing Queen in November last year but there was no promotion for the video. To celebrate the new mini album - Streets Go Disco - which came out on 26th September, we made the Dancing Queen 2.0 music video. We don't think we will make the global version of the Bing-Bing and Saturday Night music videos, though.

K-Pop Korner: What are some of your favourite songs from Western music artists and who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Crayon Pop: We like all the songs by British boy band, One Direction. We would definitely like to work together with them!

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K-Pop Korner: Will you be coming to the UK to perform soon?

Crayon Pop: We would love to go to the UK. Just invite us, please! Manchester is one of the cities we most want to visit.

K-Pop Korner: Do you think it would be a fun idea to have 'Crayon Pop: The Movie' in the future?

Crayon Pop: It would be really great if we have the chance to make a movie about the story of the five members of Crayon Pop. Preserving all five members' individual characters and showing our truthful life story to fans would be great.

K-Pop Korner: In your spare time, do you enjoy playing videogames? If so, what are some of your favourites?

Crayon Pop: We don't have much spare time these days but our favourite games are Super Mario, Tetris, and Nexon games, like Kart Rider, Crazy Arcade and Sudden Attack, as well as Sichuan Castle for Kakao.


K-Pop Korner: Many popular artists include their music in videogames. Rhythm World (리듬 ) on Nintendo Wii was recently released in South Korea. The soundtrack for the game is composed by Japanese music artist Tsunku. Would you like to include Crayon Pop's music in a game like this, or would something like Dance Dance Revolution or Taiko no Tatsujin be a more suitable choice?

Crayon Pop: It would be great if our Crayon Pop's songs play in a game! Especially if played in DDR, a game that we used to play in our childhood. It would be really great!

K-Pop Korner: If there was a videogame made about Crayon Pop, what sort of game would you like to star in? Maybe a Super Mario, jumping on enemies using your pogo sticks? Or even a fitness game like Wii Fit?

Crayon Pop: It would be better if we were in something cosy and cute, like a Super Mario video game. Also, it would be very effective to use one of our accessories, the Pogo Stick, the one used in the music video for the global version of Bar Bar Bar.

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I could definitely see some sort of saccharine sweet game being made with them bouncing on pogo sticks... Smilie

Or maybe even a version of PANG, with them bouncing up and down to pop the balloons.

Wow, the mind boggles... Smilie Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]


Canyarion said:

Who is Kiyomi?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Kiyomi or gwiyomi is Korean for cute. At least I think. Smilie
Try youtubing Kiyomi and you'll also find it's a cute song/dance.

Cute in Korean is ~keeopda~

...but obviously there will be other terms, and perhaps that just one I've not heard before. Presumably the equivalent of the Japanese term ~kawaii~ ?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]
teciyoo (guest) 04.11.2013#6

kiyomi means cute girl usually.

Ah, it's actually gwiyomi.

"The Gwiyomi Song, or Kwiyomi Song, is a K-pop single by South Korean singer Hari and was released on February 18, 2013. It was inspired by a gesture from rapper South Korean Jung Ilhoon of boy group BtoB."

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

By the way, listen to this:



It's one of my favourites by them... Smilie

( Edited 02.12.2013 20:26 by Adam Riley )

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

The girls won an award at the MelOn 2013 Awards recently and have been busying travelling around Australia doing promotional work over the past month. Have any Aussie readers seen them on TV recently?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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