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Super Mario 3D World Includes Year of Luigi Tribute

Super Mario 3D World Includes Year of Luigi Tribute on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Year of Luigi is still in full force with Super Mario 3D World including a bonus mini-game featuring the taller plumber.

2013 has been an exceptional year for fans of Luigi, with Nintendo introducing a range of games to play tribute to the often neglected chap. From Super Luigi U to the sublime Luigi's Mansion 2, the man in green has had a extended party.

The tributes continue with a small addition to Super Mario 3D World called "Luigi Bros", a greener version of the classic Mario Bros. arcade game. It can be played by simply accessing it from the title screen.


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09.11.2013 12:02



Box art for Super Mario 3D World




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I expected a 4 player mode, but alas.

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