Competition | WIN Tickets to K-Pop Party in Berlin, Germany!

By Adam Riley 13.11.2013

Image for Competition | WIN Tickets to K-Pop Party in Berlin, Germany!

In association with sister site, K-Pop Korner, lucky winners can attend a party in Berlin, Germany on 30th November!

Want to go to one of the hottest parties in Europe this year? You could be a lucky winner of tickets to the awards party where the best K-Pop singers/groups will be crown victorious after all the votes have been counted.

On 30th November, 2013, there will be an Awards Party. As in the previous years, not only will the winners of this year's voting be revealed, but there will also be a number of activities for all K-Pop fans.

5 (FIVE) lucky winners will each receive 2 (TWO) tickets for the show, so you can bring a friend or loved one.

Answer this simple question:

Which of these is NOT a Korean record label:

A.) YG
B.) SM
C.) A-Z

Email: with 1.) the answer, 2.) your name, 3.) address details.

Saturday 16th November, 2013 at 6pm GMT

Image for Competition | WIN Tickets to K-Pop Party in Berlin, Germany!

Please remember that this event takes place in Germany at the following location, so you need to make your own way there:

Karl-Marx-Allee 93
D-10243 Berlin

Don't forget to also vote for your favourite artists here: Voting closes on 15th November, so you need to hurry - and it's only open to European residents.

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