Nintendo Japan to Launch eShop AR Cards for Pikmin and Animal Crossing

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.11.2013

Nintendo Japan to Launch eShop AR Cards for Pikmin and Animal Crossing on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

There'll be another use for pre-paid eShop cards in Japan, acting as unique AR cards for special 3D characters from Pikmin and Animal Crossing.

Nintendo Japan will launch a range of cards later this month, with the Animal Crossing set including Timmy & Tommy (1,000 yen), Isabelle (2,000 yen), and K.K. Slider (3,000 yen) from November 21st. There'll be a similar pricing scheme for the Pikmin set, which includes a solitary Pikmin colour for each card. These are out on December 2nd.


View these through the 3DS screen and, with a dollop of virtual magic, these adorable critters will pop out, coming to life and interacting with other cards. These can also be used in combination with the standard question block card, which'll spawn additional characters from Animal Crossing and a Pikmin Bulborb.

Would you like to see a similar scheme in your region?

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