Wii U Miiverse Gets New Interface Update

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.11.2013

Wii U Miiverse Gets New Interface Update on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has updated the Miiverse interface on the Wii U today, paving the way for the upcoming launch on the 3DS.

As well as improvements to the look and feel of the app, there are are new display options for community lists, filters based on software type, plus the ability to change the default display setting within a community itself. There's also a minor change to user profile pages, which oddly removes the total number of "yeahs" a user has received. Individual tallies are still available for each post, however.


Miiverse will launch on Nintendo 3DS next month.

Are you a Miiverse user - if so, what are your thoughts on the changes?

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