Super Mario 3D World is Lowest 3D Mario Debut in Japan

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.11.2013 3

Super Mario 3D World is Lowest 3D Mario Debut in Japan on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

After news of the less than expected performance of Super Mario 3D World in Japan, sales figures reveal that it's the lowest 3D launch to date.

Despite rave reviews from critics and an extensive TV campaign, the game only managed to sell around 100,000 units. Going by Famitsu figures (unlike the Media Create figures reported earlier today), the launch performance of previous Super Mario Bros. 3D titles are as follows:

1) Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 337,569 (1,032,853 total)
2) Super Mario 3D Land - 344,698 (1,861,023 total)
3) Super Mario Sunshine - 280,610 (789,989 total)
4) Super Mario Galaxy - 256,341 (1,025,664 total)
5) Super Mario 64* - 162,113 (1,639,914 total)
6) Super Mario 64 DS* - 120,062 (1,231,535 total)
7) Super Mario 3D World - 106,967

*System launch titles

3D Mario titles haven't performed as well in Japan traditionally, though the opening week for 3D World is still positive compared to the relative sales of other top-ten titles in the charts. The figures above also span from different points in a console's life, ownership and user-base.

What aspect of Mario do you think isn't resonating with players in Japan?

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This is the biggest proof that Japanese are crazy.

This is a proof, that good things seldom sell like crazy. I hope in time this baby will be a strong seller, maybe a long-time seller.

It deserves more sales, thou.

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

With the exception of Super Mario 3D Land 3DS i was a lot more psyched for the other games. I am not surprised, we have had a tonne of Mario milking in the past 5/6 years that no one is probably craving Mario action as much as they used too!

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