Nintendo Launch 3DS Louvre Guided Tour App

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.11.2013 4

Nintendo Launch 3DS Louvre Guided Tour App on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Ever fancied visiting one of the world's most famous art galleries, the Louvre?

In 2012 Nintendo launched a service in the Louvre Museum where visitors could rent a 3DS XL and wander around, with the console acting as a digital guide to some of the most famous pieces.

A year on Nintendo have decided to launch the app as a download on the 3DS eShop, complete with over 700 descriptions of the various different artworks. There's also selected audio commentary and unique 3D photos of the galleries.

The app is now available on the eShop for £17.99 and will launch in North America on December 2nd for $20.


Will you take a tour of the Louvre on Nintendo 3DS?

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I  used the system in question this summer! I was surprised by how well it worked. I thought the whole 3DS system would turn out a bit contrived and shoehorned in, but instead was very helpful.

Only thing I remember coming up short was the wifi-based location tracking meant to help you find specific works didn't quite pan out.

( Edited 28.11.2013 03:04 by Jacob4000 )

Then it's a good app?

Great, but I am not going to go (how many going do I need for this grammar, for Christ's sake?!) to Paris in the further future and 20 EUR - I think it will cost that much, since Dollar transfer 1:1 to EUR these days for games - are a tad to much.

Not bad nonetheless. Get it if you are interested in the art the Louvre is famous for.

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Yeah; it was a good few months ago so don't remember all the specifics, but slow and somewhat faulty location tracking aside, it worked pretty darn well and helped me enjoy my visit even more.

As an aside, if your only real cost to going to the Louvre is that 20 Euros, it's criminal not to go. A lot of people travel halfway across the world to see it - myself included!

17Euros! Not that encouraging to purchase then! I was there earlier this year and saw hoardes of people using a 3DS to navigate their way around. Its a great idea, but nothing beats seeing the real thing.

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