The Girl and the Robot Meets Kickstarter Goal

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.11.2013

The Girl and the Robot Meets Kickstarter Goal on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Developer Flying Carpets Games has met its Kickstarter goal for the new adventure project The Girl and the Robot.

The campaign came to an end earlier today, with the Wii U stretch goal met, ensuring that Nintendo fans will be able to play through the game on the Wii U. The Girl and the Robot finds the girl character trapped in a castle ruled by an evil queen. One day she escapes her cell and frees a malfunctioning robot knight and the pair team up to try and escape.

The concept is said to be inspired by the likes of he Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Ico, with a dollop of style from the likes of Studio Ghibli.


What are your thoughts on The Girl and the Robot?

Box art for The Girl and the Robot

Flying Carpets Games


Flying Carpets Games





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