Sonic Lost World Patch Incoming in December

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.11.2013 3

Sonic Lost World Patch Incoming in December on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

SEGA are working on a patch for Sonic Lost World Wii U, the studio confirmed this week.

There are a handful of issues in the game, including a bizarre strobe glitch in one of the casino levels. Responding to an enquiry from a disgruntled fan, SEGA of Japan stated that "we apologise for this happening" and that a "version 3.0.0 update" will be released around December 11th.

SEGA also apologised for the delay in the patch, as they are hard at work fixing issues reported from other regions too.

Have you noticed any glitches or issues in Sonic Lost World?

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Haven't noticed any glitches myself, though I haven't reached the casino level or even progressed all that much into the game.

Glad to know SEGA is working to fix stuffed though.

Sonic gets two mouths when goes super sonic on wii u version

I haven't seen any glitches, but I hope this will do something about the controls. They feel very slippery and almost feels like it's regressing back into Sonic '06 territory.

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