SEGA Keen to Ressurect More 3D Classics

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.11.2013 2

SEGA Keen to Ressurect More 3D Classics on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

SEGA are keen to resurrect key titles in 3D, with more projects on the way according to SEGA producer Yosuke Okunari.

After the release of 3D Space Harrier and 3D Super Hang-on on the 3DS eShop, the team at SEGA are keen to continue working on other gems from the publisher's extensive back catalogue. Responding to a tweet on Twitter, Okunari stated that the studio is working on a "2nd series for Japan" and if successful, "may release these in the world".

What other titles from SEGA would you like to see reborn in 3D?

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I hate how success in Japan determines the release elsewhere. :/

So do I, seriously there are loads of great Nintendo titles out there that many of us don't buy because they didn't do well in Japan.

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