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By Adam Riley 04.12.2013

Tech Up! has looked at all sorts over the years, from earphones to external speakers, through to household sound systems and gaming accessories like the 3DS Circle Pad PRO. Despite being big fans of MadCatz' products, though, the company's wares have never graced these pages. That is about to change, though, as the newly released TRITTON Kunai Mobile Stereo Headset goes under the spotlight.

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It must be difficult in the R&D section of businesses trying to come up with new products that are suitable for the widest range of consumers possible. Attempting to formulate a design that is impressive, yet also comfortable/stylish enough to warrant extended use is no simple task. TRITTON's Kunai Mobile Stereo Headset tackles all areas with ease, though, and proves to be an essential purchase for anyone that loves fantastic audio clarity and rich sounds.

As soon as the box is opened, it is highly apparent that this is a stand-up piece of kit. Sturdy design, memory foam ear pads that fit wonderfully over the ears and a padded section on the underside of the adjustable head rail (which extends 1.25 inches on either side), coming in matte orange, red, black or blue, complete with interchangeable external speaker tags - two colours per pack. Aesthetically speaking, this new Kunai headset is remarkable, and on the comfort side it ticks all the right boxes. It is even possible to swivel the ear cups around so that when resting the headset around the neck area there are not two suckers pressing and causing discomfort.

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What about audio performance, though? Tech Up! tried this with numerous everyday devices, from the iPhone 5 to the GOCLEVER tablet, as well as with both the Wii U GamePad for Off-TV play and the Nintendo 3DS with the sublime music of both Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. As this is an officially certified product that meets Apple's standards, it is purpose made to work perfectly with any Apple phones, tablets, MP3 players, and so on. Slotting the 3.5mm jack into the appropriate hole opens up a new world of intense audio, enhancing even the most delicate of tune.

On an iPad or iPhone (or iPod!), there is also the chance to use the in-line audio controller attached to the headphone cable for answering calls (integrated hands-free microphone included on the controller itself, as per Apple's ear pods!), as well as adjusting volume, and managing music whilst on the go. The only incompatibility found was when used with the recently released GOCLEVER tablet, where the sound was very faint, unless the pause button on the in-line controller was depressed constantly - obviously not ideal! However, tested on the new HANNSpad tablet, the issue was not present. Therefore, it may be a bit trial and error with various tablets on the market, especially the more budget priced alternatives popping up left, right, and centre.

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Listening to the amazing soundtracks on two of the greatest new Nintendo 3DS releases was enough to justify a purchase, and listening to the latest archived episodes of shows like K-Pop Korner, The Hour Father and Glass to the Wall sounded richer and clearer than ever!

For those looking for the specifications side, the Kunai "outputs high-fidelity audio through a pair of precision-tuned 40mm speakers employing neodymium magnets." The TRITTON headset's oversized embedded speakers pump out robust stereo sound, using the highest grade of drivers available for use in headsets (the aforementioned neodymium) in order to deliver the deepest bass and crispest highs! Cable length is 1.2m to allow for attachment to even headphone ports on the front of PCs and laptops, and there are a few technical bits people may need to know about: frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz, Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 1%, and resistance is 16 ohms.

[score=8]The TRITTON Kunai range already has a strong reputation, but the new Stereo Headset release from Mad Catz is an essential purchase this holiday period for gamers and portable music lovers alike. Whilst not for in-game chat sessions - this is not for that market sector - it is instead for those that want the best from their aural experience in general. Nintendo 3DS owners and those that love Off-TV play using the Wii U GamePad will especially enjoy the newfound glory of in-game soundtracks with a headset that is wonderfully comfortable even during prolonged use. The fact that it looks extremely stylish is an added bonus, as is the more than reasonable price (£69.99 in the UK, $79.99 in the US, €79.99 in Germany and France).

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