Legend of Zelda Concert Heading to London in July 2014

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.12.2013 2

Legend of Zelda Concert Heading to London in July 2014 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has announced a new musical adventure for The Legend of Zelda, with a special event taking place next July.

Symphonic Legends London, a concert dedicated to music from the Zelda series, will take place on July 13th 2014, with themes from various soundtracks included - A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time and much more.

The London Symphony Orchestra returns as part of a collaboration with the London Symphony Chorus, lead by Merregnon Studios. Tickets for the concert will be on sale from 13th December and range from £30 - £85, available on the Symphonic Legends website.

For a recap of this year's Zelda concert, be sure to read our review.

Will you attend the London Zelda concert next year?

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There's so little information available. Will it only be Zelda music or also other game tunes? It doesn't say. Is it a coincidence that they mention the games that got a symphonic movement in the Symphony of the Goddesses concert, or is it actually the same program?

I'm not buying any tickets before I know what I can expect.

It's just music from Legend of Zelda.

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