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By Adam Riley 31.12.2013 5

Headphones, earphones, headsets, external speakers - for the gamer any or all of these are essential. Therefore, it is imperative to know what to watch out for and after looking at the Kunai Stereo Headset from Mad Catz recently, Tech Up! had the chance to try out a new piece of hardware from INNODEVICE. Welcome to the INNOWAVE Headphones
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Style over substance is a phrase often banded around - and justifiably so - for instances where it is highly apparent that more care has been given to the actual aesthetics than the quality of the device itself. With the INNOWAVE, though, whilst extremely trendy in appearance, sporting vibrant colours, it is the power of the sound that impresses the most, not disturbing others in the process as well. This is definitely a case of having both style and substance, making it a product that should not be overlooked. Prepare for the new wave...
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The main designer, YoungSe Kim, says, "Design is an expression of the designer's heart" and the whole team exude 'love for Korea' as shown in the various other products this company produces. For the INNOWAVE to be a success outside of South Korea, though, where it currently retails for 149,000 Korean Won (roughly £86), there needs to be some intriguing appeal. Thankfully this is where the 'wave' aspect comes into play, with top part of the headphones being in a ripple shape, rather than the standard smooth arc of nearly all other headsets on the market. It is unique and looks very snazzy indeed, which mixed in with the superb performance when used with all manner of devices - Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Apple phones/tablets, as well as both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U GamePad - makes this a long-term prospect, and the perfect alternative to the ever-popular Beats by Dre. It also comes in five colours to suit each individual's style: orange, purple, olive, blue, and beige. Not bad, right?
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Interestingly enough, whilst some headphones may put a slight bit of pressure on the user's head, no matter how adjustable the arms are on each side, the 'casual curve' angle taken here works well to decrease this, making for a greater comfort factor (yes, it still has the option to extend on either side for those of different head sizes, never fear!). Making the INNOWAVE even more comfortable are the soft cushioned ear pieces that, although not as gentle as on the Tritton Kunai model from MadCatz, are miles better than other options on sale now, and the moderate angular change possible on the ear cups factors in irregularities between ear shapes, making for an even more pleasurable experience when using them over prolonged periods of time. The only possible downside is that the ear cups themselves might be too small for some users - a feature in which the Kunai wins out, with its bigger cups that cover all ear lobe sizes.

Offering deep, rich bass, crystal clear high tones, flawless on speech-led audio - thanks to its large calibre 40mm driver - this is one of those 'must buy' products. Sadly, though, without a European or US distributor at the moment, the only way to buy the INNOWAVE is to [a href="mailto:cs@innodevice.com"]email the company directly. A small effort for a great product, though!

Finally, here are some technical details for those interested:

  • Driver: 40mm Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 23,000Hz
    [li]Impedance: 32 Ohms
    [li]Output Sound Pressure Level: 103dB
    [li]Maximum Input Power: 100mW
    [li]Weight: 170g (excluding cord)
    [li]Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug (L-shaped)
    [li]Cord Length: 1.2m (Y type)
    [li]Size: 188mm high, 184mm wide (front profile); 25mm (band), 69mm (ear cup - side profile)
    [li]Extras: INNOWAVE Pouch (245x250mm)
[score=8]Impressing in terms of comfort and depth of sound, as well as looking extremely stylish, the INNOWAVE Headphones are certainly a superb alternative to the 'Beats by Dre' that most people sing the praises of so highly. The only major drawback at the moment is that they can only be ordered via email, rather than at any online retailer. As soon as this hurdle is overcome, INNOWAVE will become a strong contender for the accolade of 'must-have headphones,' as highlighted by the fact that it won the IF Product Design Award 2014.

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My wife loves these. She's been using them with the new 10-inch tablet I got her for Christmas and they are wonderful. She normally hates headphones/earphones because they're so uncomfortable, but she always uses the INNOWAVE headphones now - she's been converted! Smilie

I really hope they get a decent UK/Euro distributor soon!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Must...resist...10 inch... joke/compliment...!

These look quite interestingly actually - the only headphones I swear by are these specific Seinheisers - I can sit with them for 8-10 hours without feeling any head pressure. As for Sony, Apple etc - they all start to ache after minutes - I think Sony's DJ ones are by far the worst

So having these comfy/pressure-less ones sounds good, but doesn't the wave bit feel a bit weird on the ol' noggin'?

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

jb said:
So having these comfy/pressure-less ones sounds good, but doesn't the wave bit feel a bit weird on the ol' noggin'?

There is less contact on the head, so it's quite comfy actually. The Kunai ones I also tested recently counter this by adding a cushioned part that rests against the top of the head, but these go for the 'less contact' route instead. Wifey never likes headphones, but surprisingly loves these!

jb said:
Must...resist...10 inch... joke/compliment...!

Smilie Yes, the 10-incher I gave my wife made her smile a lot Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]
Our member of the week

Adam Riley said:
jb said:
Must...resist...10 inch... joke/compliment...!

Smilie Yes, the 10-incher I gave my wife made her smile a lot Smilie

Tsss young people these days, I swear...

The only thing that puts me off with these is the colour. Also, I don't go out in large populated areas a lot, but is it trendy again these days to walk around town with huge headsets either on your head or around your neck? I know it used to be in my teenage years but...

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

The purple and olive green are my favourite colours, but the ones I got to review were turquoise...perfect to feature on the radio station Smilie

...and yes, Rudy, it seems big headphones are indeed becoming popular again. I think it is mainly thanks to the Beats by Dre range. Famous people do it? Everyone else follows, like sheep...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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