Unepic Launching in North America 16th January

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.01.2014

Unepic Launching in North America 16th January on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

EnjoyUp has confirmed that the much anticipated Wii U version of Unepic will launch in North America this month.

The game, which was teased for a January release, will launch on 16th January 2014, the studio confirmed earlier this week. Unepic is an action-packed classic side-scroller featuring over 200 rooms, 7 bosses and 100 weapons to blitz through legions of enemies in a mysterious castle.

The European release has yet to be confirmed, but might be a week or so after - according to the official Twitter account for Unepic.

Will you dive into the Unepic adventure on Wii U?

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2D Platformer



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