Nintendo Updates Fans on Pokémon Bank Issues

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.01.2014 124

Nintendo Updates Fans on Pokémon Bank Issues on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo is continuing to work on resolving issues with the Pokémon Bank service, as highlighted on Twitter.

The cloud-based service, which allows trainers to store Pokémon in digital online boxes, is currently experiencing downtime as Nintendo's IT buffs tweak the service after weeks of issues. With that in mind, it seems that fans anticipating the release of Pokémon Bank outside Japan will need to wait a little longer for a taster of cloud-based Pokémon management.

UPDATE 14/01:
Nintendo UK have commented on the situation, noting how it is still in progress but that the company has nothing to announce just yet. An update will be confirmed shortly.

Will you download and use Pokémon Bank on release?

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bakonfreek (guest) 08.01.2014#1

Screw it, I'll just buy a 3DS with Pokemon Bank already on it. I can't wait. I need it. I NEED IT!

The Pokemon Master (guest) 08.01.2014#2

I'm ready! I've got the perfect team almost fully trained up. Just need to start a new game to train them up as they're all level 1.

Give Me Pokemon Bank Already (guest) 08.01.2014#3

Wow a repost talk bout a load of shit

yo samurai (guest) 08.01.2014#4

I'm rather frustrated that this has taken so long to be released, and that they aren't even giving us an idea of when it will be ready. But Nintendo always strives for excellence and I'm willing to wait a little longer if it means they can fix all the bugs. Just please don't make it too much longer!

Duke (guest) 08.01.2014#5

Pisses me off since this is already out in Japan. I cant do a single free battle without seeing a damn lack Kyurem.

Danger (guest) 08.01.2014#6

Wait if they put it back on the Eshop wouldn't there be a mess of people going on there to download it? Would that cause the servers to go down again? 

G (guest) 08.01.2014#7

This getting ridiculous. we've been waiting since October for Pokemon Bank to come out and Nintendo had to wait until after Christmas?  I hope they fired the idiot who thought that one up.  Now we still have to wait due to "server issues', but they release information about the next Pokemon they're working on.  Fix the problem at hand first Nintendo.  Call Geek Squad, they would've resolved this a week ago.  I don't understand what the big problem is, get better servers, get more servers, or upgrade your current servers.  you have Microsoft and Apple factories in Japan, just buy servers from them.

This is about as annoying as it could get! It's been nearly a month! That's really poor costumer Service on  Nintendos part!

I have a very up-set 9-year old girl who thought she was going to get this only 2 days after her 3DS and pokemon X! She was so sweet giving her DSi to her brother & now she's so mad she did!

Well done Nintendo! You taught my little girl that sharing leads to getting screwed over!

urhhhhhhh (guest) 08.01.2014#9

When will it hurry up??? Got beast pokemon on white which i need on y

TechnoSuperguy (guest) 08.01.2014#10

It's been 12 days, not a month. Still a bit ridiculous though.

Craig (guest) 08.01.2014#11

I made a Petition Regarding this Issue!

Alex (guest) 08.01.2014#12

Umm Mari... She still has her 3DS she still can play the game, and while I do find it unfair we still don't have's only been a week or two...

Youngster Joey (guest) 08.01.2014#13

1) I don't want a developer to keep giving dates, then pushing the date out, just to appease anxious and unruly fans. It doesn't help the situation, and makes the developer look bad. Let them work the kinks out so we can have a polished product. I think we can all agree on that.

2) If you haven't been able to find most of the Pokemon you're looking for since PokeBank was released in Japan, you're doing it wrong. With the exceptions of adding my legendaries from SS, B, B2 to my PokeDex, I've been able to find all of the Pokemon I'd actually spend time to train and use competitively.

3) Running into problem Pokemon in online battles? Battle your friends, or set the rules that disallow use of legendaries, same items, etc. Seems like a lot of you are just butthurt you can't use legendaries on your team to counter other teams running them, which I personally think makes you a weak and pathetic trainer.

What? (guest) 08.01.2014#14

This is a great opportunity to teach your kid patience.
Also I don't see how she got screwed over if she got a 3DS and pokemon x to play - it's better than the DSi. Your argument makes no sense.

. (guest) 08.01.2014#15

She has a 3ds and yet she's mad she gave away her dsi? The 3ds can play all the games the dsi can and more. Your points are invalid. Be patient, it isnt the end of the world. Sheesh some people..

Angry customer (guest) 08.01.2014#16

I'm so angry that im still waiting for this. Nintendo you had two MONTHS!! Plus an additional two weeks after x and y came out (but you had longer to work on it) to make sure that this app works but instead you release it during the Christmas period like a bunch of fools and you wonder why the servers crashed. Holiday period is over and the servers are back online and I'm STILL WAITING!!. Thirteen days later and no update on when it's going to be ready just a heap of bs. What happened to you Nintendo? I used to look up to you as a kid and you made so many amazing games that nothing will ever beat but over the years you just died and became useless. Get your act together and just give me bank already. All I need as an hour to transfer all my boxes and then you can pull the plug on it and take as long as you want to release it and make all the reasons on why it's taking so long. Just hurry up already!!!

This is just bs. I have been waiting for this for months and then when I wake up on Dec. 27 no pokemon bank I am so pissed off. Nintendo you just need to get your act together.You had months to test the product to make sure everything was fine and working properly so you could release it on time and now your making me wait till after the first week of the new year. I just hope to god that pokemon bank comes out soon or I will get even more angry

( Edited 09.01.2014 04:22 by Pokemon2317 )

Naterbater (guest) 09.01.2014#18

Technically it's invalid not everyone in Japan has bank yet, it's only the few who luckily got it downloaded before the server crashed, and a few people in other countries. Also it is very maddening considering they had 2 months to test and work these so called bugs out. 

chris (guest) 09.01.2014#19

Really? Nintendo is the least of parenting problems if your child thinks that sharing brings bad karma just because her digital creatures can't be transferred.two days after she was given a brand new several hundred dollar item. I don't even see what the dsi has to do with her Pokemon bank anyway. Nintendo doesn't even owe this app to us, so be thankful they are creating games and features for your children to enjoy in the first place. Nintendo is working on the issue. If the past is any indication, they will give us something special to go along with it as well and if they do, people that have been complaining and throwing insults at Nintendo don't deserve to be let in on that.

:) (guest) 09.01.2014#20

We don't have to be thankful because we (as customers) are paying for a product and we deserve results so your point is invalid and also your point on people complaining don't deserve a compensation gift is extremely false. I've waited far to long for this stupid feature that could have been fixed weeks ago! Give us bank NOW!!!!

Our member of the week

Youngster Joey (guest) said:
2) If you haven't been able to find most of the Pokemon you're looking for since PokeBank was released in Japan, you're doing it wrong. With the exceptions of adding my legendaries from SS, B, B2 to my PokeDex, I've been able to find all of the Pokemon I'd actually spend time to train and use competitively.

Gotta say I agree with this. I'm only missing legendaries and event pokémon from past gens in my dex, all other past gen pokémon, I was able to find them by simply using the GTS. People have been breeding them and redistributing them ever since Bank and Transfer were made available in Japan so they're not exactly rare either. Took me only two days to get these, and a day more or two to evolve them to complete my dex with their entries, and I am now able to breed them at will (with the exception of Unown which remains my only Pokémon with a Pokéball icon in the dex instead of the pentagon)

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer
crymeariver (guest) 09.01.2014#22

You realize a 3ds can play everything a dsi can and more right?  You and your child sound horribly entitled, and not very bright.

I knew that, but I was talking about the United States not getting pokemon bank. I agree with you that they had 2 month to fix the bugs.

:( (guest) 11.01.2014#24

I hope whoever decided to pull the plug on bank for this long gets fired. Pathitic fool making me wait this long

I agree with you

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