Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special – BAFTA 2014 Nominations

By Freda Cooper 08.01.2014

Image for Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special - BAFTA 2014 Nominations
When it comes to film awards, there's often more interest in who didn't get nominated than who did. Therefore, here are the also-rans for this year's BAFTA nominations, as well as the ones that made cut.

Image for Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special – BAFTA 2014 NominationsLeft completely out in the cold is AIDS drama, Dallas Buyers Club, which is in the running for two acting honours at this weekend's Golden Globes. Jared Leto is looking increasingly like a shoo-in for Best Supporting Actor, Matthew McConaughey is up for Best Actor and both are strongly tipped for Oscar nods next week. However, as far as BAFTA is concerned, the film is a non-starter and scores a big fat zero. Or, in McConaughey's case, a very lean one.

For Robert Redford, all is lost as far as the Best Actor trophy is concerned. His solo performance in J. C. Chandor's survival drama doesn't make the final cut. Nor does Meryl Streep figure in the Best Actress list for her performance in August: Osage County. Both are contenders in the same categories at The Golden Globes, but their chances of Oscar nominations are starting to fade on this showing. Finally, June Squibb's feisty performance in Nebraska has also been overlooked for Best Supporting Actress, despite high profile nominations elsewhere. Thankfully, Bruce Dern has received a well-deserved nod for Best Actor BAFTA.

Image for Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special – BAFTA 2014 NominationsIt is, however, reassuring to see the British Academy not trotting out exactly the same nominations as the others, although, once getting past the noticeable omissions, there is more than a little familiarity about the rest of the line-up.

On the stats front, Gravity leads the way with a total of 11 nominations, followed closely by 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle, on ten each.  Captain Phillips scores nine, with Behind the Candelabra and Saving Mr. Banks both on five.

The Best Film contenders are pretty much the usual suspects, with 12 Years a Slave and Gravity up against Captain Phillips, American Hustle and Philomena. Gravity and Philomena are also in the running for Image for Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special – BAFTA 2014 NominationsOutstanding British Film, alongside Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Rush, Saving Mr. Banks and Clio Barnard's The Selfish Giant.

Some of the fiercest competition is in the acting categories. American Hustle is represented in all four - Christian Bale for Best Actor, Amy Adams for Best Actress, with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in supporting categories - while 12 Years a Slave is nominated in three. Up against Bale and Dern for Best Actor are Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street), Tom Hanks and former Rising Star nominee, Chiwetel Ejiofor. Cate Blanchett leads the way for the Best Actress trophy, with Judi Dench achieving a record 15th BAFTA acting nomination and Amy Adams, Emma Thompson and Sandra Bullock all in contention.

Image for Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special – BAFTA 2014 NominationsWith Jared Leto overlooked for Best Supporting Actor, the way looks clear for Michael Fassbender. His 12 Years a Slave co-star Lupita Nyong'o is looking a good bet for Best Supporting Actress and is also nominated for the Rising Star Award. The strength of this category demonstrates the current wealth of upcoming young talent, with such names as Dane DeHaan and Lea Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Colour) included. George McKay also gets a nod and one of his films from this year, For Those in Peril, makes the shortlist for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

Image for Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special – BAFTA 2014 Nominations
The full list of nominations can be found on the BAFTA website and the awards will be presented on Sunday, 16th February. Lights, Camera, Action! and Freda Cooper will keep readers abreast of the latest developments! Be sure to let us know what your votes would be…

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