EnjoyUp Confirms European Unepic Release Date - 23rd January

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.01.2014

EnjoyUp Confirms European Unepic Release Date - 23rd January on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Developer EnjoyUp has confirmed the European release for the much-anticipated Wii U version of Unepic.

The platformer/RPG hybrid tells the tale of a lad called Daniel, a gamer who, when taking a trip to the toilet during a session with friends, ends up in a mysterious castle. Possessed by a devious talking shadow, he must try and escape without being tricked into an untimely death by his new, scheming companion.

The game will arrive in Europe on 23rd January, shortly after the previously-confirmed 16th January US date.


Will you step into the Unepic story on Wii U this month?

Box art for Unepic





2D Platformer



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