£30,000 Kickstarter Launches for The Tetris Challenge Documentary

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.01.2014 1

£30,000 Kickstarter Launches for The Tetris Challenge Documentary on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A gaming group are rallying together to raise funds, via Kickstarter, for a new UK documentary focusing on the king of puzzlers.

Tetris: the untouched leader of the puzzle video game, simple to understand and a challenge to master. Many years after first hitting the original Game Boy console, fans are still trying to hit high scores and break records across the country.

The new campaign, The Tetris Challenge, is aimed to hold a Tetris tournament, filming interviews with fans and producing a full-length documentary at the end of it all. The group are seeking £30,000 to hold the tournament and produce the DVD.

Will you pledge support for The Tetris Challenge?

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Sounds like a good idea , but not sure it'll reach the £30,000 for what's being offered really - £100 to be on the DVD? Hmm - the whole thing will probably cost £10,000 at most.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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