Region Free 3DS Patch Could Brick Console

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.01.2014 1

Region Free 3DS Patch Could Brick Console on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Some users for Gameway 3DS Flash Cards have reported hardware issues that have rendered consoles unusable, bricked.

The GBATemp Forums are being flooded with reports from users attempting to use the region-lock process to "unlock" capabilities on the Nintendo 3DS. It involves modifying a file on the system, which, for some users, triggers a lock that essential turns the portable into a shiny brick.

Manufacturer Gameway noted how they do "specifically warn users to avoid clone launcher firmware" and to "avoid the region-free patches", wanting to reassure users that the unmodified launcher is "safe to use".

Nintendo also commented on the situation, noting now the company are aiming to "preserve the video game industry's ability to make investments into developing new and exciting games, and to give all legally-sold Nintendo games a chance to succeed."

So with that in mind, it's highly recommended that players don't attempt to tinker with the 3DS at risk of having an unusable console.

Have you attempted to modify your Nintendo 3DS yet?

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Yes Nintendo, making it impossible to play games from other regions is what makes videogames succesful.

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