Rambi Rides into Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Wii U

By Jorge Ba-oh 21.01.2014 2

Rambi Rides into Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Wii U on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A returning character stomps all over the latest snaps from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze posted by Nintendo.

The Nintendo of America Twitter account leaked the news earlier this week, confirming that a beloved assist character will be making a return to the series in Tropical Freeze. No, it's not the previously announced Cranky Kong, instead Rambi the Rhino has been confirmed to step back into the action seat.

Donkey Kong and friends can clamber on-board and ride through the terrain like nobody's business, brushing through obstacles with ease.

Are there any other returning characters you'd like to see in Tropical Freeze?

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I hope it's not just Rambi again. With Dixie and Cranky becoming playable, I hope this means other animal friends will return. Enguarde could return now that we've got swimming levels again.

yeah i hope that more animals return. wheres expresso? would be cool if expresso speed run levels were released as additional content likewise an enguarde collectathon for the water levels. gutted to hear squarks now shows where secrets are rarther that being a spot light for the dark levels. used to love those levels.

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