Youkai Watch Gets US Trademark from Level-5

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.01.2014 1

Youkai Watch Gets US Trademark from Level-5 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A trademark for Yo-kai Watch has emerged in North America, with a potential release for the 3DS game outside Japan.

Publisher Level-5 has, at time of writing, not made any official announcements about a localised version of the new 3DS IP Youkai Watch, but the latest trademark could be an indicator that the game is on the way.

The franchise, which includes manga and a TV animé adaptation, features a young chap with a watch that allows him to see all sorts of cheeky and rather menacing spirits. Armed with his new buddy, a ghost, the pair set out on all sorts of mischief.

Would you want to see a localised version of Youkai Watch?

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I'm surprised they went with that name. I wonder if it is to make it stand out more? Perhaps 'Ghost Watch' would make people just think of those corny 'haunting' shows on US TV.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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