Namco Bandai to Become Bandai Namco Globally

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.01.2014 3

Namco Bandai to Become Bandai Namco Globally on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Namco Bandai has confirmed that the company will be renamed across the globe to match the Bandai Namco localised name.

Over in Japan, the joint venture between Namco and Bandai has been known as Bandai Namco, however in Western shores the company goes by Namco Bandai. However, from Apri 1st, over 31 subsidiaries will be renamed "Bandai Namco" to unify and standardise the appeal of the brand overseas, according to the company's board meeting held this week.

Namco Bandai or Bandai Namco, which name do you prefer?

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Bamco sounds better! Smilie

I guess I finally lost that argument Adam and I had years ago about the right way round lol

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

In other news, Nintendo today announced that they'll be officially changing their name to Tendonin in an attempt to increase the appeal of their brand.

Endless Solitude (guest) 25.01.2014#3

So used to Namco Bandai... but I'll get used to Bandai Namco.... hopefully.

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