Iwata: Nintendo not Aiming at Children Enough

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.01.2014 7

Iwata: Nintendo not Aiming at Children Enough on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Discussing future strategies, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata admitted that the company hadn't targeted kids and the youth as much as expected.

Japanese website Asahi Shinbun quotes Iwata as stating how he felt that Nintendo weren't "targeting children enough" when it came to the latest home console, the Nintendo Wii U. With the Nintendo 3DS, the hardware has had a range of software that melds well with both adults and children, but a lack of advertising and focus had lead the Wii U's potential demographic astray.

Going forward, Iwata is pondering on "how to make the company stand up again", promising a new focus to be discussed in a press meeting on 30th January.

Do you think a bigger push towards the children's market through upcoming games and advertising is the answer for Nintendo?

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I think he's right. As much of a 'kiddie' image Nintendo has, they could be doing more to get kids to scream "WiiU!!" to their parents. Publishers may be more willing to release big games on WiiU if their kids offerings were selling well enough to make it worth it.

Hold the press! It might have been an incorrect translation. Apparently the same Japanese sentence can be translated with "Aiming at children was not enough."

Canyarion said:
Hold the press! It might have been an incorrect translation. Apparently the same Japanese sentence can be translated with "Aiming at children was not enough."

I agree, Nintendo IS a good all around developer however they have a vast majority of E rated titles so yes they've "catered to the kiddies" plenty. They NEED to start pushing more T & M rated titles to get the immature kiddies to shut up. I agree & PREFER Nintendo's family centric philosophy than sony or ms' "I don't give a crap just put whatever on our systems" as there is too much violence in games these days & GAMEPLAY quality has given way to a graphic whore mindset as well as "it's crap unless it's on playstation!!" which causes unfair ignorance towards impressive games that ARE NOT on the playstation platform...need I bring up the Bayonetta 2, FF13 or Bravery Default out cry from people of the Psycho SOny Cronie faith...?

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422

Canyarion said:
Hold the press! It might have been an incorrect translation. Apparently the same Japanese sentence can be translated with "Aiming at children was not enough."
After digging around, it seems the article is correct in what Iwata said. That is: "We haven't been targeting kids enough."

Nintendo has tried to target all types of players with Wii U; as we all know, they wanted to try to get back the core players with strong third party and multiplatform titles, as well as appealing to the younger group and casuals as they have done in the past and with Wii. So with Wii U, it makes sense that he feels they haven't targetted kids enough.

Ok, thanks for looking it up. And I guess it makes sense, it's just something Nintendo haters are going to laugh about. Smilie

I really wish Nintendo Land would have been a bit better. Some of the (asymmetrical) multiplayer minigames are real system sellers... but the rest is so bad.
Another game that could pull in more gamers is Wii Sports Club. I would have preferred 'Wii Sports U', but oh well. Fun games like this could really show people a 2nd screen is the way to go.

No BS, I was at Target a couple days ago and this kid and is mom were shopping. The kid asked her about a Wii U and the mom said 'I'm not buying a portable controller, you already have the remotes' and the sales guy didn't even correct her. She had no idea it was a new system that you could also use the Wii motes for. Sigh. I stood there and listened to the guy and the new girl employee butcher a sale cus they didn't know! SMH...

u see the thing is.. kids always want to play what the older boys are playing.

besides pokemon nintendo dnt have any games to which kids clammer to play. mario is mostly brought by parents for their kids based on nostalgia( the disney effect).

if anything nintendo aim to much at kids. i quick glance around the net (outside of japan) would tell them this. we all know what the keys to nintendo domination of the market are- graphically impressive fps, graphically impressive fifa, gta, graphically impressive driving game and all the brightly coloured games they currently release.. oh and get rid of the wii name its over stayed its welcome.

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