Pokémon X and Y Getting Extended Maintenance Period Next Week

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.01.2014

Pokémon X and Y Getting Extended Maintenance Period Next Week on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have confirmed an extended maintenance period for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y's online functionality next week.

On Tuesday February 4th (Monday 3rd January in some regions), Nintendo will be taking down the service for approximately eight hours to tinker and tweak the online functionality for both the games. It's unknown what the exact specifics of the downtime will include, but it'll mean players will not be able to connect to the service between the following hours:

  • Europe: 1AM to 9AM
  • UK: 12AM to 8AM
  • USA (East Coast): 7PM Monday to 3AM Tuesday
  • USA (West Coast): 4PM Monday to 12AM Tuesday
  • Japan : 9AM to 5PM
What do you think the extended Pokémon downtime will entail - could Nintendo be prepping a Pokémon Bank release?

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