Bravely Default Character Designer Joins Unsung Story Team

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.01.2014

Bravely Default Character Designer Joins Unsung Story Team on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Akihko Yoshida, the chap behind the character designs of Bravely Default, has joined the development team for crowd-funded project Unsung Story.

Yoshida, who's also worked on Final Fantasy Tactics, has been admitted into the development house behind the forthcoming game, working on the  project's artwork. Speaking about his involvement, he was drawn to Unsung Story because of "the game concept" and that "it looks very exciting. I made a decision to participate."

The studio also detailed some of the new classes to get to grips with including Minister and Arcanite, with new roles available as players progress through the storyline, with characters able to switch out classes "to create the most synergetic party."

Finally, Playdek posted a short extract of the storyline - which can be read on the project's Kickstarter page.

At time of writing the campaign has raised $440,643 out of $600,000 foal with 16 days to go.

What are your thoughts on the game's storyline? Have you pledged support for Unsung Story yet?

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