Space Pioneer Project Could See Wii U Release

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.01.2014 1

Space Pioneer Project Could See Wii U Release on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Space Pioneer, a new Kickstarter project, has the potential to come to Nintendo Wii U if successfully funded.

The crowd-funded concept launched earlier this week and is seeking $150,000 to produce a space-sim/real time strategy simulation with city building mechanics.

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The project's creators, Space Engima Studios, describes the game as one that "focuses on interstellar exploration; it is based on images and resources from the Hubble telescope, ESA/NASA, and numerous well known observatories". If funded, players will be able to "pilot a fully customizable spaceship" to start to colonise other planets into the furthest regions of space.

The team is made up of various key people including astronauts/cosmonauts, writers, astronomers and specialists to ensure that the experience is authentic as possible.

If the game is successfully funded, it'll launch initially on PC and Linux, with Mac and Wii U versions also on the cards at a later date.

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Do you wish to take off with Space Pioneer?

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This sounds pretty awesome. I would seriously consider getting this if/when it comes out on Wii U.

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