Pluck-able Pikmin Plushies Sprout in Japan

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.01.2014 1

Pluck-able Pikmin Plushies Sprout in Japan on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Taito have launched a trio of adorable Pikmin plushies across Japan, each with patch of ground to settle into.

The new set includes the classic red, blue and yellow coloured critters. Each one can be stuffed, with a little care, into a nifty patch of beanbag resembling a wodge of grass. Just like in the Pikmin series landscape, they can then be plucked straight out, shoved viciously at pigeons and hauled back into ground after the job's done.

These are currently only available in Japan only.

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Would you want a Pikmin plushie in your region - if so, which colour?

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Am loving Pikmin 3 which I got recently. However, am really annoyed at the lack of Purple and White Pikmin in the main campaign. Having more pikmin means more variety in the levels and more strategy needed. Such a waste. Smilie I wanted all 7 types running with me.

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