Nintendo to Consider Mergers and Acquisitions for Long Term Growth

By Javier Jimenez 31.01.2014 10

Nintendo to Consider Mergers and Acquisitions for Long Term Growth on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Speaking with Nikkei, one of Japan's reputable news sources, Satoru Iwata has stated he will consider mergers and acquisitions as a strategy for bulking up Nintendo's development capacity.

Signalling a shift in Nintendo's overall corporate strategy, Iwata outlined multiple approaches to growing his company's business. Aside from mergers and acquisitions and the already advertised stock buyback, he went over several other approaches, including...

- Lower price points in emerging markets ("2nd world" nations, so to speak)
- Discount programs for very loyal customers

Illustrating a willingness to change, he stated that Nintendo "should abandon old assumptions about our businesses."

Definitely interesting news coming from the land that Mario (and Miyamoto) built. Something tells us this isn't all we'll hear in the coming months, so stay tuned for more!

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What are some other talented studios that Nintendo could purchase / make exclusive?

Nintendo has made some good studio acquisitions in the last 15 years:
- Retro Studios
- Next Level Games
- Monolith Soft.

Platinum, Level 5, Grezzo, Artoon

I don't think they own Monolith Soft though.

Anyway, where do I sign up as a loyal costumer?!

Canyarion said:
I don't think they own Monolith Soft though.

Nintendo bought 80% of the company in 2007 (with Namco still owning 16%)

The rest of Namco's 16% stake was sold to Nintendo later. (The founders own the remaining ~4% stake)

Nintendo Co., Ltd. 2,320 shares
Sugiura Hirohide 30 shares
Tetsuya Takahashi 30 shares
Yasuyuki Honne 20 shares


On an interesting side note, Nintendo owns a 1.75% stake in Namco.

( Edited 31.01.2014 23:21 by Sonic_13 )

Ah, didn't know that, thanks! Smilie

I hope Nintendo buys Shin'en. If they'd be ok with that of course. These guys make great games and have been very loyal to Nintendo!

Darkflame (guest) 01.02.2014#6

Buy Precursor Games (ex Silicone Knights).  Surely cheap, and they do a genre Nintendo doesn't cover.

Maybe Frictional?
They make the "Penumbra" and "Amnesia" games. 
I often thought they would work well with the Wiimote

Yeah they need to buy Precurser, Platinum, Altus (if it's not TOO pricey) & a few I.P.s companies haven't touched like sony's Legend of Dragoon.

It would be poetic justice if Nintendo bought Mistwalker & Square Enix (they're stock is dropping further with crap like FF13 forced series & their garbage mobile ports) restructure Square Enix chain of command & then they hand the company over to Hironobu Sakaguchi to manage on their behalf.......Poetic Justice INDEED!!!! XD

( Edited 02.02.2014 08:20 by Vorash Kadan )

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422
kingdom (guest) 03.02.2014#8

treasure, platinum, from software, level 5, kuju,

reform factor 5: starfox along with that dylan guy that made starwing and starfox. have him as lead designer

reform sillicon knights/precursor: eternal darkness

Oh and capcom.

Buy capcom and get permanent exclusivity on resi, street fighter, monster hunter and megaman

Buy sega and get permanent exclusivity on sonic, shenmue and get creative assembly as a nice bonus and then stick sega straight back on fzero

Buy square and fix them.

Buy the soul calibur franchise

And the dark souls franchise

Oh fuck it buy namco

Get shinji mikami back and suda51

Mikami was fuming when capcom dropped the resi 4 exclusivity. Absolutely livid. Especially when only (3?) of the proposed mature exclusives were delivered. He left not long after.

Oh, oh, oh buy that megaman guys new studio, forgotten his name.

Fix whatever's been going on between konami and ninty and get castlevania and metal gear back

in 10 years when microsoft has finally had to choose between modesty and humble pie, buy rare back for half the price, if not: buy the perfect dark franchise, if not: turn next level games (who I believe might be british) into the new rare, if not: buy kuju and make them the new rare

It's straightforward how nintendo should move forward and everyone can see it. Get every franchise lost to ninty since the snes back and exclusive and show the west what japanese game design is all about. Buy it all up

(this wouldn't make good business sense unfortunately if nintendo are to buy assets I would recommend getting them from overseas not domestic sources see: abenomics)

They're gna make loads of money when they put the wii u into pure tablet form and it's not far off technologically speaking and then you can have 4 simultaneous gamepads each one a wii u on it's own.

A portable gc, vc, wii and wii u console that can plug into the telly.

Then you release a more powerful 3rd pillar console to compete with ps4/xpwned and u dont have to worry about rendering the ludicrous resolution that would be the result of 4 720p gamepads and an hdtv cos all the gamepads have their own power to contribute.

You can imagine it right? A family house with gamepads lying around that are sort of like tablets. Sort of like nintendo tablets...

oh yeah like nintendo are doing now, yeah I'm sure that's just round the corner.

Knowing ninty I'm sure I'm way off the mark and it'll be something totally unexpected but that's what I'd do.

iphone: 3ds

ipad: wii u

mac: ???

Look at the size of the wii u. Take the 2 years it's been out and add another 2 and then x by moore's law. What do you have? Yes you're right it's a nintendo tablet.

I mean it has a strict 35w power draw limit in the specifications

What does that say? it says a design brief with tablet written all over it.

call it the GameBu and whack a 3d screen on the fucker. Call that one the premium one and have a cheaper one

and then announce the wiicube


Thing is, if they were going to do that then u would already be able to use your 3ds as a controller. The fact u can't suggests that they are set in this wii u path.

So I offer an alternative plan: buy oculus rift before valve complete their purchase.

God, fuck, how hard is it? Just employ me and I'll be the boss and fix all the shit and make bare peas bruv.

U've got the money, Ninty, I'll spend it.


Oh and sort the virtual console out, jesus wept, and where the fuck is the gamecube?

Oh and we need to have game purchases tied to user accounts and game saves transferable and whatnot

I'd position it as a console that can play all nintendo home console games ever and position the 3ds as the portable version. And then make clear that this will never change that saves and game purchases will always remain from one console to the next.

Everyone says it: nintendo are no good at advertising. It's something I like about them.

Nintendo have many unique selling points in the wii u if people knew they'd buy the thing.

They need to tell people about it: that online is free, that it has netflix, etc

stuff that makes the unwashed masses happy

It will sell anyway. All this doom is ridiculous

I bet it'll beat the xbone after europe brutally drops it.

I mean it did a good 3 mil at launch or something and then the sales dropped off. You watch that happen to the xbone.

So there are 3 million xbone fanboys, so what, you watch ninty fanboys will win this battle for sloppy seconds. Ninty fanboys are gamers that like to give their money to a company that actually makes games.

What could possibly go wrong?

(oh and @sonic_13 what about intelligent systems, intelligent systems turn everything they touch to gold)

kingdom (guest) said:
(oh and @sonic_13 what about intelligent systems, intelligent systems turn everything they touch to gold)

Wasn't Intelligent Systems founded by Nintendo as opposed to acquired?

They are definitely an amazing developer though.

Great ideas Kingdom, join cubed3 when you can. While that's very pricey for Nintendo to do all at once steady subtle exclusive acquisition is definitely the road Nintendo needs to take to get their crown back. You think big Kingdom, VERY BIG & I like it!!

( Edited 05.02.2014 18:40 by Vorash Kadan )

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422

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