Pokémon Bank Service Launches in Europe, North America

By Jorge Ba-oh 05.02.2014 1

Pokémon Bank Service Launches in Europe, North America on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Update 05/02:
Nintendo has also now launched Pokémon Bank in North America.

Original Story:
Nintendo has launched the Pokémon Bank service across Europe this week, with a North American release expected shortly.

The Pokémon Company took to Twitter yesterday to confirm the news for transfer-hungry trainers, that "Pokémon Bank services are available in Europe" and that "North American Trainers will be able to introduce their Pokémon to the Kalos region soon!"

No specific release date for the US release was mentioned, however.

The main reason for the high demand from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y players around the globe is the built in Pokémon Transporter function, which allows folk to import critters from the Pokémon Black and Pokémon White set of games.

Pokémon Bank contains online, cloud-based storage for up to 3,000 critters, spread over 100 virtual boxes.

Will you tap into the Pokémon Bank service?

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I just want to ask if anyone can help me. I set up a blog asking for help with pkmn bank but need some help. I want to know the basic procedure, if more than one 3ds is needed and the smallest amount of Pokemon I can transport at once. Please help, and either pm me or comment on my blog.

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