UK Chart Highlights | Nintendo Fading Fast?

By Adam Riley 14.04.2004 1

UK Chart Highlights...
...Nintendo Fading Fast?

The time for change is nigh
As many of you will know, C3 has been listing the full chart rundown basically since the website's launch back in January, 2003. But just how many of you really enjoy traipsing through long lists? Not many, I would hazard a guess at...and to be honest, having to sort out these lists every...single...week...gets rather tedious itself.

So it is time for a change...

The latest chart happenings
So what is actually happening over in Chart Land at the moment? Well, last week saw Nintendo release the third Metroid game in two years! Yes, Metroid: Zero Mission (click for the C3 Preview) was unleashed on the UK on Friday 9th April 2004 - to a great fanfare. Oh wait, scratch that - to a great empty void of nothingness.

Of course Nintendo, in true fashion, launched one of its biggest titles this year with little less than a squeak...and what happened because of this? Unsurprisingly, Zero Mission only managed to scrape in at No.5 on the GBA chart and was nowhere to be seen on the Top 40 All Formats! Silly Nintendo, but clever populace of Britain for giving this more attention that you gave Metroid Fusion (which died a sorry death from Day One).

Elsewhere in the handheld chart, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 and Finding Nemo take up the Top Three spots, really pushing sales on the GBA, far more so than the ailing GameCube. Unfortunately, due to a complete sell-out of copies, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town has dropped heavily from No.6 to No.15. Hopefully Ubi Soft can get some more stock out as soon as possible!

On the GameCube side of things, Sonic Heroes has shot back up from No.3 to No.1, mainly thanks to the interest Sega has been creating for itself with its special system deals. PS2 and XBOX owners can get Worms 3D cheap when buying Sonic's latest platformer and GC owners can do the same, but with Billy Hatcher - which itself has bounced up ten places to No.7. On its second week of budget release, the abysmal Pok

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