Sonic Boom Won't Replace Modern Sonic

By Jorge Ba-oh 09.02.2014

Sonic Boom Won

SEGA have confirmed that the new direction for Sonic and friends in Sonic Boom is intended to be an alternative universe.

Just like the various different variations of key comic book characters, SEGA are drawing on the Western influence in the latest IP, Sonic Boom. With the new look for the Mobius heroes came concerns from fans that Sonic Boom would represent a shift in the overall franchise design, much like the change to "Modern" Sonic from the established look from the Genesis/Mega Drive era.

Those averse to change can rest easy. In a press presentation, Sega confirmed that "merely an alternate take on the character," and that the core Sonic the Hedgehog design will remain.

What do you think of the new look Sonic the Hedgehog design?

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Classic Sonic
Modern Sonic
Boom Sonic
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