ReVeN Meets Kickstarter Goal, Heading to Wii U

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.02.2014 3

ReVeN Meets Kickstarter Goal, Heading to Wii U on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

2D platformer ReVeN will go into production as the initial Kickstarter goal for the crowd-funded project has been met.

Varia Games will continue working on the project, with a version of the game expected for Nintendo Wii U as well as Windows, Linux and Mac in February 2016. The group are also planning on broadcasting monthly updates live on Twitch TV, with beta keys expected within the next few months, and a public demo later on in the year.


ReVeN is set on the planet XR-Kere in the 28th century future, focusing on the mysterious Nexum Station that's suddenly vanished after powering down, drawing inspiration from classics like Super Metroid and Castlevania in design.

For more on ReVeN, be sure to read our Interview with Varia Games.

Did you pledge support for ReVeN - which version would you go for?

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2D Platformer



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Nintendo should sue them for making such a Metroid clone

we don't want news about some clone, we want news on which is the new/next IP from Miyamoto for the Wii U..,

now with the Titanfall and InfamosSS hype building up, and DKCTP not really hyping anyone after the first reviews,... Nintendo now would be good time to bring the news...

Bucky (guest) 24.02.2014#2

Rai, eat a Snickers.

Bucky (guest) said:
Rai, eat a Snickers.

do you mean a Kitkat?
("take a break, have a Kitkat"

( Edited 25.02.2014 19:03 by Rai TheNoblesse )

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