Nintendo to Stop 3DS Video from March 31st

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.02.2014 5

Nintendo to Stop 3DS Video from March 31st on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

As well as stopping online play for numerous Nintendo DS and Wii games, Nintendo is also canning the 3DS video app.

From March 31st, the service will come to a close, meaning that 3DS owners will no longer be able to grab hold of free video content from Nintendo and selected partners via the free app from then. However, the 3DS does still boast dedicated YouTube support for those wanting to watch content whilst engulfed by a Wi-Fi signal.

Highlights have included Bravest Warriors: Mexican Touchdown and the adorable Shaun the Sheep.

Were you a user of the Nintendo Video app - should the company had continued support?

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Did anyone use it? Videos took so long to download from the servers that I got fed up ages ago. As for the YouTube app, has it been updated since it launched? If not, I'm not touching it as it was woeful when first tried Smilie

Adam Riley [ Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited ]
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Adam Riley said:
Did anyone use it? Videos took so long to download from the servers that I got fed up ages ago.

I used to use it, but haven't in a while. Never had any issues with video downloads though.

I think the app itself was significantly more important early in the 3DS's life so as to show off 3D content. But with the huge library of great games that have built up over the years and with plenty of 3D game trailers on the eShop I think its significance is less important now.

I know many of the apps send usage data back to Nintendo (I don't remember specifically if this app did, though I think it did). As with online play with Wii/DS you'll probably have far more people complaining about it being removed than were actually using it.

I wonder what this means for some of the original videos Nintendo was planning (there was a LoZ series and Pikmin Nature Documentaries).

EDIT: Oops, those videos already released. I wanted to see them...

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( Edited 27.02.2014 23:03 by Sonic_13 )

I thought it was cool.
If i didn't have much to play, i would open this app and watch a few cool little videos.
I always leave my 3DS in sleep mode in range of wifi, so i usually had new videos waiting for me without
worrying about manually downloading anything.
That is the cool thing about the service.
It is like a video podcast that automatically updates itself.

I'm hoping that the reason they are shutting this down is to focus on more important things.
I will miss Dinosaur Office.

My son and I watch Dinosaur Office and Bravest Warriors all the time. I love the theme music to Nintendo Video. Sigh... this sucks :-(

Darkflame (guest) 01.03.2014#5

Despite checking weekly, never got  Bravest Warriors.

Still, Shaun the Sheep was ace, and its crazy they are stopping this.
Got a lot of nice little Indie things as well occasionally.

(I wouldn't mind them stopping if the YouTube app was better, but at the moment is rubbish. no 3D and very poor resolution)

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