Earthlock: Festival of Magic Sprouts on Kickstarter

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.03.2014

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Sprouts on Kickstarter on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

ShowCastle Games have launched a Kickstarter project for Earthlock: Festival of Magic - for the first Volume of what's intended to be a series.

Initially going by the name "Festival of Magic", the creators have re-launched funding for the project on Kickstarter this week under the new name, Earthlock: Festival of Magic. Pitched as a role-playing game "set in a world of machines and magic" that stopped spinning, players take on the role of a chap called Amon who is destined to stop the upcoming war by unlocking the mysteries of the planet Umbra.

The unique aspect of the adventure lies in the need for players to grow and harvest ammunition go get by, engaging in rich turn-based combat across the landscape and delving deep into the storyline.


The new target is $150,000, with over 1000 backers already at time of writing. If funded, the game will be available Q1 2015 on PC/Mac/Linux, with a console release - including Nintendo Wii U - during Q2 next year.

To pledge support and for more details, visit Earthlock: Festival of Magic on Kickstarter.

Will you pledge support for Earthlock: Festival of Magic - what are your thoughts on the look and concept?

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