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K-Pop Korner is the UK's ONLY radio show dedicated to delivering the best in Korean music, but not only that, it also works in collaboration with Cubed3's MusiCube series to bring readers the chance to get a glimpse of the K-Pop world as well. Previously there have been specials focusing on Super Junior and 2NE1, whilst there were also interviews with the energetic Crayon Pop, as well as a J-Pop star called Yun*chi. Now it is time to unveil an exclusive interview with Kim So Young, who fans will know by the stage name of FAT CAT.

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K-Pop Korner: Could you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself, please, and why your stage name is 'Fat Cat'?

FAT CAT: Sure! Hello everyone, this is Fat Cat! I debuted in Korea in 2011 and in Japan this summer (2013). My stage name is Fat Cat because that was someone's first impression of me! You see, most women in Korea are very, very skinny, and at the time I was really plump in comparison. But, you know, I really like the name Fat Cat. It doesn't restrict me to any single image. I can be comical, like a fat cat; cute like a kitten; or be a mysterious or spicy feline in my music, so I really like this name.

K-Pop Korner: Some people also call you 'Defconn Girl' - can you explain why?

FAT CAT: They call me Defconn Girl because I appeared in Defconn's music videos and TV show before I made my debut. Defconn is a famous South Korean hip hop singer and TV show host.

K-Pop Korner: Can you talk about how you got into the music industry?

FAT CAT: Well, I always did like to sing since I was a little girl, so when it was time for me to go to college I decided to major in singing. I passed an audition that was held at my college, and that led me to my debut…

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K-Pop Korner: Do any of you play instruments and do you help write your songs?

FAT CAT: I play the piano, but I haven't done any composing yet. I want to be able to write my own songs in the future, so I'm busy studying right now.

K-Pop Korner: 'Make Up' was your debut song in Japan. Were you pleased with its success?

FAT CAT: I think it's a really, really cute song. In fact, it was chosen and used in a TV commercial for children's school bags! Please check out YouTube for my Japanese debut song, Make Up!

K-Pop Korner: Did you have to considerably change the style of your music and appearance for the Japanese market?

FAT CAT: Well, popular fashion is very different between Korea and Japan, so I did try out a new look for this song.


K-Pop Korner: What do you think the biggest differences are between the J-Pop and K-Pop markets?

FAT CAT: I think K-Pop fans want to see artists who have already established their own style. But on the other hand, J-Pop fans enjoy rooting for and watching the artist develop.

K-Pop Korner: K-Pop is spreading across the world very quickly now. Would you like to release your songs in English? Also, would you like to come to the UK to perform?

FAT CAT: It would be AWESOME if I could do that, including going to the UK to perform! Can you invite me to come? I REALLY wanna go! Please invite me…

K-Pop Korner: G-Dragon has collaborated with Missy Elliott, Wonder Girls with Akon, and 2NE1 are working with will.i.am at the moment. Crayon Pop also told us they want to work with One Direction! What Western singer/group would you like to work with?

FAT CAT: My dream would be to collaborate with artists like Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, and Paloma Faith. I'm totally hooked on the individual colour of their music and voices. In particular, Lady Gaga makes me want to collaborate in terms of fashion, too!

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K-Pop Korner: Other popular music groups have made movies, with Western bands such as Spice Girls, S Club 7 and One Direction being some examples. You have already done modelling, but would you also like act in 'Fat Cat: The Movie'?

FAT CAT: I'm really looking forward to seeing One Direction's movie, but act in my own movie? Nothing would make me happier! We could bring actual fat cats onto the set, and shoot…let's see, the first scene could be me and the fat kitty cats eating cheesecake together!

K-Pop Korner: In your spare time, do you enjoy playing videogames? If so, what are some of your favourites?

FAT CAT: Yeah, I love games! I primarily play Dungeon Hunter because I can play with people all over the world…and Coffee Kings from KakaoTalk, and Sims Play. But, I like to exercise, too, so on my days off I go to the gym and use weights or swim, yeah.

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K-Pop Korner: Many popular artists include their music in videogames. Would you like to include your songs in a game or make new songs?

FAT CAT: I think that all my songs would be great for games! That would be so cool. Maybe I should try writing a song specifically for games.

K-Pop Korner: If there was a videogame made about Fat Cat, what sort of game would you like to star in?

FAT CAT: I would like to play the part of a good witch for a wizard. I'd have a fat cat as my sidekick, and we'd go around catching bad guys. The fat kitty cat would love music and cheesecake. If you played music to her and feed her cheesecake, she'd be able to use magic! Sometimes she'd get a healing or manna potion. What do you think? It's fun just thinking about it!

Many thanks to Kim So Young, aka Fat Cat, for answering all of those questions. You can expect more interviews coming up soon from K-Pop Korner via the MusiCube feature right here on Cubed! For now, if you want to listen to the entire archived radio version of the interview, along with plenty of Fat Cat's music, check out the Mixcloud post below...


K-Pop Korner Ep.23 - Bringing the Best of Korean Pop to the World! FAT CAT Interview Special by Adam Riley on Mixcloud

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So when are you going to interview a Korean StarCraft 2 player? Smilie

As soon as they release a hit song! Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

I heard MC (Min Chul aka the Boss Toss) can rap, does that count?

Smilie Maybe not. When he releases a song, then we can talk Smilie

Did you listen to any of the show using the player in the article?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

No, but I read large parts of the interview. That's quite a lot for a guy who's not into K-pop all that much!

Well done Smilie Smilie

Let me know if you want any other Zelda podcasts plugging on Glass to the Wall Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

We'll consider it! We're about to start doing (shorter) podcasts about Zelda themes instead of games... maybe that would be a good time!

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