Brave a Mysterious Orphanage in Hush

By Jorge Ba-oh 10.03.2014

Brave a Mysterious Orphanage in Hush on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Indie developer Game Studio 78 has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for action/adventure game Hush.

The horror tale follows the story of a young girl trapped in am orphanage known as Ashlyn. Strange beasts, souls and mysterious characters prey on her fears to prevent an untimely escape and it's up to players to battle through enemies and puzzles to help unravel the mysteries of the orphanage.

If funded, there'll be three episodes that play on distinct fears, for example "Fear of the Dark", "Fear of Ghosts" and various others across the main plot, with a potential fourth episode if the stretch goal is met.

The group are seeking €50,000 as the initial target.


Would you have the courage to brave Hush?

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