Mario Team Helped Develop Yoshi New Island 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.03.2014 1

Mario Team Helped Develop Yoshi New Island 3DS on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Members of the New Super Mario Bros. team helped work on Yoshi's New Island.

Japanese studio Arzest, who also worked on Wii Play: Motion, took the lead with Yoshi's latest adorable adventure, however the team had a helping hand from some of the key members of the New Super Mario Bros. team.

Mario producer Takashi Tezuka, Yoshi's Island DS director Nobuo Matsumiya and level designers Yuya Sato, Kenta Usui were just some of the Nintendo staff who helped shape the game.

It wasn't just Nintendo who lent a hand, with Imageepoch working on the game's animations.

Will you pick up Yoshi's New Island this week?

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Well, sadly it's a very average game indeed...I think I probably enjoyed Yoshi's Island DS more! Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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