2D Platformer I've Got To Run Heads to Wii U

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.03.2014

2D Platformer I

Independent developer Syrenne McNulty is working on a new 2D platformer for Wii U, I've Got to Run.

The endless, procedurally generated "runner" concept follows the tale of a chap called Roy, the Marshmallow Boy, who zips through three different modes with modifiers. There'll be a traditional one-jump option, a mode that includes double jump, plus an "Endless Special", which incorporates speed up/down power-ups.

Image for 2D Platformer I

The game will run at 60 frames per second on the Wii U GamePad/TV, for liquid smooth platforming, and also include support for Miiverse-driven leader-boards.

McNulty's studio, 4 Corner Games, will release I've Got to Run exclusively on Wii U during Q2 2014.

What are your thoughts on the look and concept?

Box art for I've Got To Run

4 Corner


4 Corner


2D Platformer



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