Ronimo Games on Swords & Soldiers Wii U

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.03.2014

Ronimo Games on Swords & Soldiers Wii U on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Ronimo Games has discussed various aspects of the Wii U version of Swords and Soldiers II.

In an interview last week, the developers expressed confidence in Nintendo and the Wii U platform, noting how  "the PS4 and Xbox One, from our perspective they are just mostly the same thing as before but much faster" and how Nintendo's format "has something new, this controller with the screen on it and it has touch and all these things that really weren't there yet."

Joost and Thomas from Ronimo wanted to "do new things" with Swords and Soldiers", especially after receiving development kits from Nintendo. "Their tech support is really good. If we have questions, we always get answers at the end of the day."


Are you a fan of Swords & Soldiers? What are you look for in the sequel?

Box art for Swords & Soldiers II








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